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High-Quality Legal Representation

Susan was a pleasure to work with. Very articulate and helped me every step of the way. I’ve never been divorced, so was ignorant with the entire process. Susan assisted me professionally and promptly with all my questions, concerns, and uncertainties. I was very comfortable working with her and her high-quality legal representation

- Divorce, Providence, RI

Out-Of-State Daughter and Son-In-Law for Rhode Island Mother and Father’s Estates

“Thank you for everything. You have been wonderful to us throughout the almost 2 years of upheaval we’ve been dealing with Mom and Dad’s estate. You have patiently guided and advised us. We have always felt “safe with you and that is most comforting when one is trying to deal with emotional and painful realities. Thank you for your kindness, wisdom, and caring. We know it is a team effort. All of you have made a difficult time more bearable by your professionalism and kindness. We are profoundly grateful.”

– Anonymous

Divorce Client

Military wife and mother of two, divorce case, Middletown, RI: “If you want commitment you want Jeremy Howe and associates. Kristy was with me every step of the way through my divorce.”

– Anonymous

Highly Recommend Jeremy

Jeremy represented me and a co-guardian in a guardianship case for my brother. It was a long (4 year) case and had several twists and turns including educating the guardians on our responsibilities, the involvement of multiple families, sale of real estate and finding a good financial adviser. At every step of the way Jeremy provided sound, professional and reasonable advice that demonstrated his great experience and knowledge. He listened to our questions and provided quick responses and was always willing to talk things through. His calm and steady approach was very appreciated. The staff in his office shared his professional yet personal approach. I would highly recommend Jeremy and the Law Offices of Howe & Garside.

– Anonymous

Kristy Went Above and Beyond

“Kristy went above and beyond to help me with my military QDRO. She is very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.”

– Client Testimonial

We Guided the Family Through Redemption of The Tax Sale, Probated the Mother’s Estate and Leased the Property.

Case: A client was referred to our office by an attorney. Her case was regarding a parcel of real estate owned by five brothers and sisters who were heirs to their mother’s estate. The property was about to be lost at a tax sale, there was no organization to their “family partnership” and little family communication at all. Results: We guided the family through a redemption of the tax sale, probated their mother’s estate, leased the property to a church group with an option to purchase the property which eventually led to a sale of the building and we ran the family partnership during this long process. Testimonial: After concluding the transaction and distributing the net proceeds to the brothers and sisters our client wrote the following: “Our hearts thank you” said the card to which she added: For your sincere, honest, heartfelt help with our family problems. Without your help we could not have worked things out. Then she added a blessing to Jeremy, to the office and to his family.”

Wife, Consult for Division of The Husband’s Military and Civil Service Pensions and Drafting of The Documents Necessary, Tiverton, RI

“You were able to answer my questions and I am confident that I have covered all of my bases. How do people manage if their attorney doesn’t bother to admit they don’t do enough military and civil service work to know all the nuances?”

– Anonymous

Quote from An Attorney Regarding a Military Qualifying Court Order to Divide a Pension of A Military Member in Reserves:

“Your office is prompt as always; I have already heard from Kristy in regard to the two QDROs. You were a big help to me on this same case last spring, and it is very appropriate that your office receive a thank you.”

– Anonymous

Quote from Family Law Practitioner, Warwick, RI

“I will continue to utilize their services in domestic proceedings as they provide prompt and efficient preparation and processing of QDROs and they are always accessible to address any of my questions and those of the client.”

– Anonymous

We Were Hired by The Former Wife to Draft a QDRO and Transfer 100% of The Ex-Husband’s 401(k) to Her.

Case: These parties had been in the process of getting this done through their original attorneys for about a year with no success. Result: We were able to get the QDRO done, and the 401(k) into the wife’s name very quickly. When all was said and done, she said, Testimonial: “Kristy, this is all set, thanks to you. I cannot thank you enough. The process was started last August.”

– Portsmouth, RI

Child Custody Client

Mother of a now 13 year old. Dad wanted child to relocate to Colorado with him. Judge denied the Dad’s motion so the child stayed in RI with mom, Middletown, RI. “Jeremy and Kristy’s integrity is what separates them from their counterparts. Kristy was my attorney during years of child custody issues. She has the patience to listen to you and the knowledge to provide guidance in ‘what’s in the child’s best interest’. During the trial, she was prepared and performed gracefully in the courtroom. Every time I called or visited the office, you can feel that the staff genuinely cared about you. This office exudes professionalism. They are the reason I believe the court system truly does work for ‘what is in the best interest of the child’.”

– Anonymous

Client’s Father Passed Away. Middletown, RI

“Hilary – The day I met you, I was a mess. I was so upset about my dad and everything that I had to get done, and then you helped me out and I just started to feel better. Thank you so much.”

– Anonymous

Client with Family Issue Involving an Attorney-In-Fact Using a Durable Power of Attorney Improperly:

“Thank you again for meeting with me yesterday regarding my family problem, especially on such short notice. I was very pleased with the information and advice you provided. You made it very easy for me to understand my legal standing regarding the concerns as well as the concerns of others who were involved. Again, I can’t thank you enough for the legal counsel and for the consideration you provided me. I especially admired your personable and informative, yet direct, approach regarding my family’s specific needs.”

– Anonymous

Divorce Client

Thanks to you and your team for attempting to help me in this situation. You guys have been wonderful. People may have negative opinions about lawyers, but you guys are a different breed. I’d recommend you to anyone.

– Divorce Client, Little Compton, Ri

Pension and 401 K Client

“I would highly recommend your office. Your customer service was exceptional. The divorce process was personally painful and legally intimidating, but each person in your organization was patient, professional, knowledgeable and thorough. (Jeremy Howe even answered the phone himself and was able to help me with my questions when I called to leave a message on a Holiday!). Thank you for making a painful process a bit more bearable.

– Anonymous

Qualified Domestic Relation Order Client

“Kristy……thank you so much! When I was at (my attorney’s) office the other day I was asking (the attorney) and the Paralegals the same questions and they weren’t clear either…..they all said Kristy is definitely the pro when it comes to QDRO’s so she will know the answers to your questions. They all spoke very highly of you and said you know your stuff! Thanks again for everything.”

– Anonymous

Kristy – Thanks Again for All of Your Support

“Kristy – Thanks again for all of your support and help through this challenging time. I am so blessed to have found you and to have someone that truly understood my position and supported me every step of the way. We all appreciate you and your efforts!”

– Tiverton Wife – Legal Separation

Custody Client

In-state father who was able to bring his minor daughter from out-of-state to take custody of her under emergency circumstances. “The joy that you have given me and my daughter has brought such happiness to us that words are not enough. From the bottom of my heart I thank you (and your office) so very much. Very gratefully yours.”

– Anonymous

Divorce Mediation

“As the year comes to an end, I can not let another day go by without properly thanking you. The work you did with (my husband) and me during mediation was creative, resourceful and simply clever. You both were attentive to our present and future needs- emotionally, financially and legally. There were many occasions throughout the time you spent with us where I thought there was no possible way to come to a middle ground. Luckily, with your guidance and perseverance you made the impossible, possible. Thank you … from the bottom of my heart for your determination and consideration while working with us. My gratitude is endless.”

– Anonymous

Client/wife Getting a Divorce After a 24 Year Marriage

2 children of the marriage (1 in college, the other finishing high school). Jamestown, RI “Kristy listened to me, understood what I needed to do now and helped me set my course for the future. She is a thorough, efficient and compassionate advocate.”

– Anonymous