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Antenuptial Agreements Attorneys in Rhode Island

What are the Benefits of Signing Antenuptial Agreements?

Marriage, in the eyes of the law, is a contract that exists between two people. To save you the inevitable headache that will come in the event of a marriage dissolution, signing antenuptial agreements will protect you, financially. At Howe and Garside, we specialize in antenuptial agreements that prove to be agreeable to all parties, ensuring that your interests are protected and that your soon-to-be spouse is provided for in the event of a dissolution.

Can Antenuptial Agreements Be Fair to Both Parties?

Antenuptial agreements aren’t just an “insurance policy” in the event of a divorce. Rather, they also serve as a guide to the other party – and the family, as a whole – in the event a spouse dies during the course of the marriage.

Planning for a Solid Foundation

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Good antenuptial agreements cover the following areas:

1. The issue of property: if you’ve entered into the marriage with money and/or property of your own, a so-called “prenup” will protect what you came into the marriage with, and designate it as your own in the event of a divorce. In addition, the issue of property also covers what’s considered marital property, that is, property that you and your spouse have accrued during the course of your marriage.

2.The issue of your estate: it’s an inevitable fact of life that you, and your spouse, will die. When that happens, a antenuptial agreement will be able to dictate who inherits property, money, jewelry, and other sundry when one or both of you die. Some antenuptial agreements dictate that, upon the death of one spouse, the surviving spouse inherits the entirety of the estate. Others, however, dictate that your heirs (that is, your children and/or grandchildren) will inherit the estate upon a spouse’s death (this is common in second marriages, where one or both spouses come into the marriage with children of their own that are not a product of the union). Talk to us about the specifics of your case, as no two prenups are exactly alike.

3.The issue of procedure: the wealthier you are, the more you have to protect your interests. And, when it comes to prenups, there are some things that are simply not boilerplate issues. Some antenuptial agreements, then, address the issue of how to decide future legal matters (for example, some prenups detail matters like household bills, savings accounts, annuities, and trust funds for children), and it’s therefore essential that you talk to us to see how to address these very specific matters.

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