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Prenuptial Agreements Attorneys in Rhode Island

Do I Need Prenuptial Agreements?

Often associated with celebrity couples and those who have a magnitude of assets Prenuptial Agreements can be beneficial to any couple. While they are often surrounded with a stigma suggesting that they are a cause for divorce, or that they can have an adverse effect on your marriage we find this to be largely untrue. Prenuptial Agreements have been found in many cases to help solidify a marriage as they give each spouse responsibilities in the relationship.

Our seasoned team of Prenuptial Agreements attorneys have prepared hundreds of agreements for couples. Our clients prefer to have a safety net in place that decreases the likelihood of arguments and painful divorces if they arise. If you are interested in preparing a prenuptial agreement, contact our office for a free consultation.

What Are Prenuptial Agreements?

Sometimes called antenuptial agreements or premarital agreements these documents are contracts prepared before marriage so that there is a plan if the marriage comes to an end. These contracts can vary widely depending on the decision of the couple but typically describe the division of property or assets if or when the marriage is dissolved. They can also include predetermined alimony, as well as how properties will be divided post-marriage. The simplest way to have one of these important documents prepared is to contact a Prenuptial Agreements attorney. These specialized types of lawyers work with couples to make sure that both parties agree to the predetermined plan and agree that they will follow it.

Prenuptial Agreements must be approved by both sides before they can be filed. These types of agreements can also have text noting that they may not go into effect unless the couple has been married for a certain amount of time. Prenuptial Agreements cannot affect child support or custody.

While it may be a difficult thing to discuss with your future spouse Prenuptial Agreements can be very helpful in the future. If you are interested in or have any questions about having one of the documents prepared contact the Law Office of Howe and Garside for a free consultation.

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Do I Need A Premarital Agreements?

Getting married is a beautiful thing, but in the eyes of the law, marriage is little more than an agreement between two people to live together as a family. To protect your assets, you will need to draw up a premarital agreement between yourself and your soon-to-be spouse (who may also have assets that need protection, as well).

Due to the complicated nature of marriages, and finances, you will need an experienced attorney like the one you will find at Howe & Garside to draw up a professional premarital agreement. While protecting your assets and your investments, will also be mutually agreeable with your soon-to-be spouse and his/her assets and investments.

What does a premarital agreement cover?

While there are many things that a premarital agreement cannot cover, there are some things that can be addressed in such an agreement.

Pre-marital Property

It is not uncommon, these days, for people to have investment properties and primary residences that they bring into a marriage. If one, or both, spouses have pre-marital property, it can – and should – be protected under a properly drawn up agreement between the two soon-to-be newlyweds.

Children From Previous Relationships

If one, or both, of the parties involved in the marriage, have kids from previous relationships or marriages, it is the legal duty of said parent to provide for the children appropriately. This matter can, and should, be addressed in a properly drawn up and executed, agreement.

Financial Obligations

It’s common for both parties in a marriage to work – in whatever capacity – a properly written and executed premarital agreement can, and should, outline the financial responsibility of each party during the marriage. For example, who pays the mortgage? Who pays the household bills? Who provides for the children, and what’s considered a reasonable provision for the children in question?

For more information on how Howe & Garside can help you execute a proper premarital agreement contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation.