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Are We Approaching the Age of Robot Caregivers?

It may sound like something out of science fiction, but robot caregivers are a definite possibility in our future. We may not yet have flying cars, but technology is bringing some amazing inventions into our lives. It’s not too far-fetched that seniors will be able to get assistance from caregiving robots into the future. These may make it possible for them to stay at home longer than before and help to take some of the strain of caring for our elders off of society.

How Could Robots Help Provide Care for the Elderly?

When you think robot caregivers, you probably have this image of a walking and talking robot cooking dinner or performing other everyday tasks. This idealized version of a robot caregiver isn’t what you can expect, however. Think of it more as a way to automate many of the tasks that help with daily living tasks. Consider the robots already in your home. Your coffee pot can start up all on its own for the next morning making your favorite morning pick-me-up. You may even have a vacuum cleaner that cleans your floors all by itself called a Roomba.

The types of robots that are being considered for robot caregivers follow this same vein. These robots will be intended to help seniors remember to take their medications or eat. They will help with things like getting dressed, dental care, and bathing. For many seniors, being able to handle regular daily living tasks such as these are what determines if they can continue to live independently at home or have to move to a nursing home. These robots can change the way that we look at aging for the better.

How Far Away Are We from This Technology?

In many ways, this type of technology is already here. There are already robots that handle sweeping, mopping, and cutting the lawn in many households. Researchers, engineers, and robotics experts are continuing to expand on the capabilities of these devices. There are even some nursing homes that are already exploring the possibilities of robot caregivers. As the population continues to age, this type of technology will continue to be put to use.

Pros to Robot Caregivers

Robot caregivers offer several pros. They make it possible for someone to stay independent longer. Aging in place has been found by researchers to offer a lot of benefits. In addition, these robot caregivers can help with tasks that visiting family members would often be handling when over. This task is taken care of already and would free up that time for more socializing.

Another positive to robot caregivers is that not every senior will have the same needs, and specific robots will be able to help that senior with that task.

Cons to Robot Caregivers

The biggest con to robot caregivers is the cost. Even technology that exists today like the Roomba is cost-prohibitive for many seniors that are living on a fixed income. As technology moves forward, these items often come down in price, so this may make it easier for future seniors to afford these advancements.

How Could They Play a Role in the Legal Industry?

When it comes to family law, one instance that no one really wants to deal with is elder abuse. It’s a sad situation for the person living through the abuse and their family. Robot caregivers could help with preventing elder abuse. For one, this concept may allow more elderly individuals to age in place at home rather than having to go to a nursing home. Being able to stay home longer reduces the risk of an abusive situation happening.

In addition, robot caregivers may assist in nursing homes where they may be used to monitor the care given to the elderly by the human caregivers. This technology may be able to successfully report and help prosecute these types of cases. In addition, if human caregivers are given more assistance in providing the necessary care, less burnout may occur. This may also help to curb the potential for abuse in a nursing home setting.

Getting Professional Legal Assistance

In most situations, robot caregivers are not here enough yet to make it possible for most seniors to avoid going to a nursing home if they are no longer able to be independent. It’s vital to protect the seniors in your life, and professional legal assistance can often help. Services like estate planning, nursing home planning, and other family law issues can make a difference for the better.

Robot caregivers may be a thing of the future that will provide some measure of security and protection, but experienced legal representation is here now. Are you facing a family law issue or need help with nursing home planning? Contact The Law Offices of Howe and Garside, LTD today to discuss your situation. Family law can be a complicated area, but relying on an experienced lawyer can help you move past any issues.

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