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Rhode Island Elder Law encompasses many facets of elder law and estate planning. With the improvements of health and medical advancements, seniors are living longer, more active lifestyles than before. This brings new opportunities and perspectives to the conversation of elder law. The traditional vantage point of addressing elder law issues is challenged by the new factors of longer healthier lives. However, these improvements should not serve as negative influences to elder law. Instead, they can be the starting point for much-needed discussions on the subject matter. For example, the changes of more active and independent senior living require families to plan properly and in a timely fashion for the retirement and well-being of its elderly members.

Rhode Island Elder Law Services

Elder Law consists of several interesting legal touch points to structure the redistribution of wealth upon individuals passing as well planning out the senior years of an individual’s life according to their wishes. Our Rhode Island Elder Law Firm provides legal services about wills, trusts, tax matters, elderly benefits, advance medical directives and nursing home care. These topics and more can be discussed in detail during our free consultations, offered to each client to review their concerns. It is our goal to ensure that each of our clients has a solid estate planning structure in place to achieve their goals and desires for the future.

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We also offer services in the field of elder law that relate to guardianships, the probate process, conservatorships and more. Along with our free consultation offerings for potential elder law clients. Our elder law attorneys will conduct an exhaustive review of each client’s estate planning needs. This estate overview will provide clear and concise solutions for redistributing assets to beneficiaries, avoiding probate, reducing taxes and structuring Veterans Aid and medical planning for seniors.

At the Law Office of Jeremy W. Howe, we are committed to assisting our clients in designing the estate plan that best addresses their priorities and meets the needs of their individual goals. To schedule your free consultation contact our Rhode Island Elder Law attorneys at (401) 841-5700.

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