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What You Need to Know About Divorce in Rhode Island

Gene Kirzhner Dec. 14, 2021

  1. A Divorce Case Can Be Heard Around 75 Days After Filing the Complaint

Once a divorce is filed, an uncontested divorce hearing will be scheduled for approximately 75 days after the filing. If both spouses resolve all their issues, the divorce can be granted the same day.

  1. Alimony Is Not Typically Awarded

In Rhode Island, alimony is not typically awarded in the vast majority of divorce cases. Usually, alimony is only granted for unusual circumstances and only lasts for a short period of time.

  1. Your Spouse Will Not Be Held Responsible for Your Legal Fees

Just like alimony, it is extremely rare for one spouse to be ordered to pay the other’s legal bills in a divorce. However, in cases where one of the spouses is considered to be in contempt of a Family Court order, they will most likely order the non-compliant to pay the other party’s legal fees and expenses.

  1. Remember to Cancel Your Joint Credit Cards

You will need to protect yourself against your spouse’s spending on credit cards with your name. Failure to cancel any joint credit cards can result in being held responsible for your ex-spouse’s expenses, whether they were made out of malicious intent or not.

  1. You Might Not Be Able to Keep Your Health Insurance

In some cases, family court judges will typically require one spouse to continue providing medical coverage for the other, assuming it is available at no extra cost, the company has the policy cover ex-partners, and the spouse does not have nearly as good coverage through their own employer. However, it is, unfortunately, more common to see companies terminate their spouse’s insurance once the divorce is finalized.

  1. Joint Custody Is More Common Than Not

It is more common for judges to grant joint custody assuming both parents are proper and responsible people. Unless there are any extreme circumstances, most parents will be able to split their custody.

  1. Child Support Is Typically Predetermined

In Rhode Island, there are income guidelines that determine how much child support should be provided. Factors such as gross earnings of both parents, medical insurance costs, and daycare expenses are all implemented into the formula. Therefore, there is no use in fighting about child support as it is typically determined through a uniform guideline.

  1. Most Divorce Cases Settle Without a Trial

Despite the reputation divorce has, it is actually more common for divorce cases to settle than go to court. Most people would rather save their money and settle their divorce instead of battling it out through hefty legal fees.

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