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What Is Elder Law and Why Should You Absolutely Consider It?

Gene Kirzhner March 24, 2020

No one enjoys being called ‘old’ or ‘elderly.’ However, it is a fact that everything in your life slowly changes as the years go by. In this way, it is almost fitting that it is called ‘elder law’ past a certain age, since it takes years of dedication and acquired knowledge to reach and enjoy this important new part of life.

But what about the seniors such as yourself that need help and are completely new to this chapter in their life? By learning more about what elder law encompasses and how an elder law attorney can give you that experience without the hassle, you can smoothly transition through these changes and get back to simply enjoying life and retirement stress-free.

What Are the Main Categories of Elder Law?

Countless categories fall under this umbrella of law, all with important rules and regulations that depend on the state you are in and various other contributing factors. However, the main categories include:

  • Guardianship and conservatorship

  • Planning for incapacity and long-term care

  • Health care and mental health

  • Nursing homes

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Social Security

  • Veterans benefits

  • Estate planning

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Trust administration and probate

  • Powers of attorney

  • Elder abuse and fraud

  • Advance directives for healthcare

Since many elders find at least one of these categories relevant to their current lives, it is clear why elder law is so important and viable in this modern day and age. However, with so many rules and regulations associated with these categories, it is nearly impossible to handle all of their intricacies on your own. An elder law attorney can help.

How Can an Elder Law Attorney Help You?

Now that you recognize why elder law is so important for any individual moving on to the retirement chapter of their life and beyond, you may still be wondering how an elder law attorney can help you.

Imagine for a moment that you had a choice between a mechanic that just started that day or one that has been working as a mechanic for the last three decades. In most cases, you will opt for the later individual since they have more knowledge and experience under their belt. The same goes for attorneys when it comes to elder law.

Although you could learn quite a bit on your own, the expertise of an elder law attorney will ensure the most favorable outcome to your situation. With this said, if you are looking for an elder law attorney in Rhode Island to represent you, don’t hesitate to Contact the Law Offices of Howe and Garside Today!