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Veterans Aid: Protect the Ones Who Protected You!

Gene Kirzhner Oct. 30, 2023

Due to Their Incredible Contribution and Service to Our Nation, Veterans Are One of The Most Respected and Honored Members of Society. Accordingly, Government Policies Had Been Historically Approved to Protect and Provide for These Valuable People Who, for Many Years, Devoted Their Lives to Protect Us.

Rhode Island Veteran Assistance

In Rhode Island, if you have suffered from a military service-related disability, you may be eligible for certain government financial benefits, such as a monthly payment for veterans who are at least 10% disabled by injury or disease that they endured (or aggravated) during their service. This benefit is designed to provide for physical and psychological disabilities.

Moreover, the special monthly compensation (SMC) is an additional benefit that disabled veterans can apply for if they somehow require personal assistance, also known as “aid and attendance.”

On the other hand, there are some “veteran aids” not specifically tailored for veterans. Dependency and indemnity compensation (DIC) is payable to the surviving spouse, child, or parent of a service member who passed away while on active duty. To be eligible for this, the surviving parent must not surpass the legally permitted income threshold.

How to Apply for the Benefits

To apply for these veteran aid benefits, you should simply fill out and submit a formal application to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and they will later rule whether your claim is approved or rejected. If your application is finally approved, the corresponding public authority will determine your disability rating between 10% and 100%, which will be the calculation base for the payment you will receive.

However, the Veterans Benefits system within the Department of Veterans Affairs is not as user-friendly as people may believe, and sometimes it can be extremely difficult to navigate, resulting in hard times trying to qualify for veterans’ disability benefits.

Why a Claim Might be Denied

It is not rare that veterans’ claims are often denied for a variety of reasons. They include:

  • There was some type of error in your initial application

  • Your deterioration was not considered to fit the official impairment list

  • You had a pre-existing condition before undertaking military service

  • You had a dishonorable discharge

If a disabled veteran had an unfortunate experience before the Department of Veterans Affairs and was granted an unfavorable decision from the Board of Veterans Appeals, the only possible alternative will be to file an appeal before the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

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