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Top 5 Signs That It’s Time to Call a Child Support Attorney

Gene Kirzhner April 7, 2020

Every year in America, roughly 6.8 million custodial single parents receive legal or informal child support. Although this number is very high, there are countless Americans that know nothing about child support law or how it should be handled in their particular state. As such, when a single parent is being afforded too little or treated in a manner that is not fitting of the actual child support laws, they typically are none the wiser.

With this said, below are five signs that you should consult a child support attorney in the state of Rhode Island. If your ex-partner is guilty of any of the things below, it’s time you contact a local attorney and get the justice you rightfully deserve.

1.The Individual Has Not Made a Payment in A Few Months

Surprisingly, this is one of the most common problems single custodial parents in Rhode Island face. Whether it’s because they simply can’t afford the payments or they don’t feel they should be forced to pay them at all, not receiving your child support payment from your ex-partner can be devastating over time.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to, first, try to discuss the payments and make arrangements with the other individual. The main reason for this is that going back to court over the payments when they aren’t that backdated could actually cost you more money than you are owed.

If this is not possible or if they’re trying to question the payments in any way, your best bet is to contact a local child support attorney and explain your situation. If you can prove in court that this individual is actively disputing the payments or using the money for other things, you may be granted wage garnishment, their tax paybacks, real estate they own, or other valuable assets that will help pay off their child support debt.  In fact, even if the person chooses to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy during these disputes, you would still receive payments, as child support is exempt from bankruptcy deals and automatic holds.

2.They Are Not Willing to Make Payments for College

In most states, and with most child support agreements, child support payments end once the child turns eighteen. (Rhode Island is one of these states.) However, if the signed agreement specifically states that college expenses are included and the individual refuses, you should contact a local child support attorney right away. This attorney can help you draft up documentation and pleas to the child support system based on the previously signed agreement, and grant you a portion of your ex-partner’s wages or other assets in exchange.

3.You Believe that You May Deserve More than You Are Getting

Another main concern that many custodial single parents have is whether or not they are receiving what they should be in child support. Unfortunately, in the state of Rhode Island, the base child support agreement is founded on the concept that the least amount possible is best.

However, with a child support attorney on your side, you can easily change this. Your attorney can help you compile the appropriate documentation to prove that the least amount acceptable for you and your child is more than this, to ensure you receive the support you need each month.

4.The Individual Is Lying About Their Financial Status

Although this may come as a shock to some, many parents are willing to lie about their financial status to pay less in child support. By altering their monthly income, they can create a different picture of their finances and pay less because of it.

Fortunately, with a qualified child support attorney by your side, you can look through their original claims and prove that your ex lied on the financial affidavit for child support. This will not only penalize them in court but also ensure that you receive your payments in full moving forward.

5.You Don’t Want Payments from This Person Any Longer

Although this is a unique situation, sometimes, single custodial parents don’t want money from their ex anymore. Whether it be a desire to not rely on this person or to remove them from your life moving forward, you will want to work with a child support attorney to ensure that all of the paperwork is completed appropriately. In the end, although child support can be a frustrating system with lots of loopholes, with a local Rhode Island child support attorney on your side, you can skate through any situation with ease.

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