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Renewable Marriage Contract : What You Need To Know

Gene Kirzhner April 25, 2018

A renewable marriage contract might sound like something odd, but it could be the wave of the future. Not only is it something that can save you thousands of dollars, but it will also free up the courts. That would mean minimizing the costs of judges, stenographers, and administrators that have to be employed even to have a court hear a case. Not only would the couple be saving money, so would the city. This would free funds for things like better roads and better schools, which most communities are already asking for. Or it can mean more jobs in an area that is on a hiring freeze because the budget won’t allow more hiring. You can read more about them here.


In 2011 Mexico City decided to give renewable marriage contracts a shot. They were looking for solutions to their divorce rates and thought that a temporary marriage situation might be a good idea. While there is more than enough criticism, there are still advantages to the concept. The main one being it’s actual intent, lowering the divorce rate. This will save many thousands of dollars in lawyers fees, while also freeing the courts of the time it takes to hear so many of those cases.

Renewable Marriage Contract: Trial Period

One of the selling points of the renewable marriage contract is the fact that there is an agreed upon expiration date. That means that you are able to stay being married for a few years if you would like. Many say that marriages are hardest in the first five years, so it would be understandable that you might only want to try being married for a certain period of time. Sometimes it is better to try something out to find out if you like it. You might not know that marriage is for you and a trial period can help you determine that. It might not be the actual person, but the construct that you are not comfortable with. Marriage isn’t for everyone. And a renewable marriage contract is something that can help you figure out if it is for you or not.

Renewable Marriage Contract: Agreed upon Time Limit

Indefinite marriage might not be for everyone. And some people might find out things about the people they married that are deal breakers. No matter how much you talk to someone, you can never know everything about them. But, having a discussion before marriage about a trial period might help. It will make it understandable to try and feel each other out and let the other person know everything they are getting themselves into. Especially if there is a way to get out in the end. We don’t always know people as well as we think we do, no matter how long your marriage or time together. A renewable marriage contract gives you the chance to make sure that you are making the right decision without the messy divorce.

Renewable Marriage Contract: Engagement

There are some who say that engagement is like a renewable marriage contract, but those people probably haven’t been married. The difference between a marriage and an engagement is that while you are engaged, you don’t think you are married. You are getting ready for it. After marriage, things are very different. It can even be vastly different from just living together. Having a renewable marriage contract allows you the opportunity to see if you actually want to stay married to the person. Preparing for marriage is far different from being in one. And it is rare that those preparing for marriage already act is if they were.

While renewable marriage contract isn’t something that we have here in the United States, it is something that is growing in popularity across the globe. It might not seem like a great idea or a popular choice, but it is something that has its benefits. Whether it is cheaper to separate ways or easier on the judicial system, there are reasons to consider it. Thought that might be quite a ways off for our country. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with divorces and separations today. These aren’t easy processes to deal with and even harder to get through. That is why you will need someone with as much knowledge as they have experience. This isn’t an easy combination to find. Especially since not everyone stays current with laws. There are some who finish law school and think they are done and ready. But, they tend to get outmaneuvered by someone who is ever learning. And you need an attorney who is on your side to build a strong case for you that will last through any battle. You can start your search here.