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Non-Profit and Private Family Foundations

The Law Offices of Howe & Garside, Ltd Dec. 8, 2023

Private foundations are charities that typically rely upon support from a single family, individual, or company. Rather than conducting their own charitable operations, most private foundations serve their charitable purposes through grant-making to tax-exempt 501(c) public charities that support the community through direct services. Private foundations are governed by stricter legal rules than public charities and as such, have highly technical legal compliance issues. We work directly with founders, board members, and foundation staff to learn and navigate the rules so that they can focus their energies on philanthropy.

Our attorneys work with families, individuals, and companies in all matters of charitable giving, including forming and securing tax exemption for foundations, advising on matters ranging from grant-making, compliance with IRS and state regulations, board development, training and education, and internal governance and fiduciary obligations, and preparing 990 tax returns and other required annual filings.

Our attorneys also counsel non-profit direct support organizations, including advising on development and planned giving programs and representing organizations when receiving a charitable gift from a family, individual, or company.