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Let’s Talk: Family Law Mediation

Gene Kirzhner May 29, 2023

Normally, the most constant discussions a person has throughout their life occur with the people they spend the most time with; in most cases, that is their family, and that can cause disagreements. While some disputes between family members may be easily solved, some arguments have more complexity and can generate lasting grievances among individuals and their families.

It is not unusual for siblings or spouses to be unprepared when presented with a family law controversy, having no certainty about how to appropriately respond. Conflict can escalate quickly, presenting the need to avoid litigation and other long-lasting damages to the relationship of the members of the family.

For these situations, there is family mediation.

The Mediation Route

Not all family controversies need to be fought in a courtroom. If the parties involved agree on some common grounds and decide to work cooperatively, they may be able to reach a mediated settlement for a mutually beneficial agreement that solves the family law-related issues.

Naturally, even a mediation agreement can have its complications, which is why hiring an experienced family mediation attorney will undoubtedly save you time, money, and stress while providing you with compelling results in resolving your family conflict.

In Rhode Island, the family mediation process is not mandatory, meaning that participating parties must willingly decide to cooperate and be respectful of each other to achieve a resolution they can both live with. The mediation process is assisted by a mediator who does not take sides but instead acts as a neutral third party who listens to both opposing sides and guides the discussion toward a workable compromise.

Understand the Process

If you are involved in a family law matter, it is imperative to understand the specific complexities of your case and the potential implications you may encounter. Family law mediations are typically intense, emotionally loaded, and difficult for the parties involved, especially in separation or divorce cases, and even worse if the issues involve children.

Family mediation interacts with many other areas of the law (i.e., legal separation, child custody, probate), which is why it is legally regulated in many different and complex laws, rules, and procedures. Furthermore, it is not rare for family mediation cases to be extremely emotional for the parties involved, making it difficult to see things objectively and requiring the assistance of an experienced attorney.

We Can Help

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