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Divorce During Pregnancy: Handling a Difficult Situation

Gene Kirzhner April 9, 2018

Divorce during pregnancy can be hard for anyone. Divorces and pregnancies are hard enough, putting them together is something that can be overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to start, let alone how to keep yourself together. Finding the right person to represent you in times like these is crucial. It will make the stress on your pregnancy easier and ensure that there aren’t any mistakes made during the divorce process.

Divorce During Pregnancy: The Emotional Side

This will, understandably, be a very hard time for you. Your hormones are pulling you every which way and you aren’t sure how to handle it. Even if you have been pregnant before, that doesn’t mean that this is a familiar territory or that you can handle it. Sometimes it can be hard to get yourself together and remain composed. Other times, you are able to pull yourself together and keep it under control. Which day it is going to be is a matter of luck. Don’t hold it against yourself. You need to find people that you can talk to. This is the time to let your support system know that you will need a lot of care and they might be who you want to talk to.

Divorce During Pregnancy: Where to Start

The decision to divorce can be a hard one, for both sides. Once you have come to terms with it, you need to start getting ready. It is a long process and can be drawn out. The sooner you find an attorney to represent you, the better. They will need a lot of information from you. Being pregnant might not seem like it will make a difference, but it will when it comes to deadlines. There will be days that you need to sleep more or are feeling ill. And on those days, you might not be able to get what needs to get done to meet a deadline. This can be a problem for courts. While they may offer you some leniency, it isn’t something they will accept as a habit. They will want you to get things done in a timely manner.

Divorce During Pregnancy: Your Attorney

You want to be sure that you choose an attorney that best fits your case. There are some that have tried cases for pregnant women before and there are others who don’t think it will make a difference. You want to decide which is best for you. Some might think that they need someone who will be able to work with them and understand that they are pregnant. It really depends on how you handle things emotionally. If you think you need leniency and understanding from your attorney, you will want someone who has tried cases for women who are pregnant. If you think that your support system is enough and you just want them to focus on the case, you need to find the best divorce attorney you can.

Divorce During Pregnancy: Your Case

In some ways, your case will be affected by your pregnancy. You will have to be there and you will be emotionally charged. You want to try to remain as calm as possible, if for no other reason than the baby. However, that isn’t always the easiest task. In many cases, it can be hard to hold your tongue or your emotions; even without being pregnant. This isn’t the time for you to lose your cool. There is a lot at stake and that isn’t a risk you want right now. Surely your attorney will point out your condition and it will be a factor. But, whether or not it will make a difference depends on your case. That is something you will want to discuss with your attorney. You can start here and ask any other questions you may have.

Ultimately, the largest factor is going to be your attorney. Divorce during pregnancy is not ideal, but it can be a little easier than expected with the right person by your side. As long as you have an attorney with experience in these situations, it will be a little easier. But, the important thing is to find the best divorce attorney you can. That will make the divorce a little easier, which will make everything else easier on you in the long run. You want to find the best attorney for you that is both great with divorce law and has experience with women who are pregnant during their divorce.