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Child Support RI Attorneys

Gene Kirzhner June 24, 2015

At the Law Office of Jeremy Howe, our Child Support RI Attorneys have a strong commitment to assisting clients through the entire child support process. With complex legal guidelines and intimidating court procedures sometimes leave parents feeling helpless and victimized. That doesn’t have to be your story. Our family law attorneys are well-versed in the Rhode Island Child Support laws. We have represented hundreds of families and helped many parents navigate the child support process. Whether you are a parent being petitioned to be child support or the parent petitioning the court to enforce child support orders our family law team can help.

RI Child Support Services

Family law matters can prove difficult in some cases where emotions are high, and the current status of both parents is not amicable. In these cases having an experienced family law attorney on your side can dramatically impact the outcome of your case. Because of the child support laws and guidelines that differ from state to state, knowing your attorney is familiar with the laws of your locale is important. It’s also important to inquire about the track record of your attorney before retaining their services. We recommend utilizing experienced family law attorneys who are familiar with the roadblocks commonly faced in family law issues. Gathering as much information as possible regarding your case will help your legal counsel present a strong argument on your behalf and certainly increase your chance of receiving the child support judgment you desire.

Important Factors in Child Support Calculation

Many parents considering divorce or legal separation have questions regarding the calculation of child support. The official formula for child support orders is based on the gross income for both parents. The gross income for each parent undergoes a series of deductions including health insurance, pre-existing child support orders, other minor dependents and more. There are also flexible adjustments, which can be deducted from the gross income amount. Flexible deductions may include contributions to retirement, life insurance premiums, and marital debts. It’s important to note that a Rhode Island Child Support judgment is not limited to the state of Rhode Island.

For example, if the child changes residency to a new state the orders set in Rhode Island are still effective in the new state. However, the amount of payments can be adjusted based on the new states requirements. This is extremely important in cases that include the amount of time the child spends with both parents, custodial and non-custodial.

Our Child Support RI attorneys are highly experienced in navigating complex child support cases. We understand the importance of securing the best future for your children, that’s why it’s so important to secure the right legal representation. It is imperative to have a lawyer who can build a solid case for the most treasured parts of your life, your children.

Knowing that we’re helping our clients work through one of the most difficult times of their lives is what keeps our team motivated. With over four decades of experience in family law matters including child support, child custody, divorce, spousal support and divorce mediation we’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Let us put our experience to work for you. If you’re seeking legal counsel regarding a child support matter in Rhode Island call to speak with our Child Support RI Attorneys regarding your case.