Providence RI Estate Planning Attorney

Providence RI Estate Planning Attorney

providence estate planning attorney

You may be wondering what exactly a Providence estate planning attorney can do for you. Your “estate” is the sum of all assets you have accumulated throughout your life. Estate planning dictates how assets will be dispersed after your death. A good estate planning attorney will also include the manor you want financial and medical issues handled in case of incapacitation.

Some of the main areas of estate planning include:

  • Wills: Your will should include a detailed description of how you want your assets handled after death. It will also include information such as who will care for minors and those with special needs who you are currently responsible for. You will name an exec
  • Trusts: Trusts allow a third party to control assets until they are dispersed. These assets are often distributed quicker than those dispersed through a will. There are also often tax benefits when using a trust instead of a will. A Providence estate planning attorney will help you figure out the method of disbursement best for you and your loved ones.
  • Business Plans: If you own a business you probably want to make sure it is left in good hands should you die or become incapacitated.
  • Long term Care: A providence estate planning attorney will help leave instructions for your care in case of serious illness. This might include what types of medical care you want to receive, who you want to care for you and where you wish to reside.

These are just a few examples. A consultation with a Providence estate planning attorney will give you a better picture of the legal processes and important points that will be included in your estate plan.

Who Needs Estate Planning?

You may not think you have an estate, but you do. Everything you own is what makes up your estate. This may include your home, car, bank accounts and possession. You may also have minor children or special needs individuals that you look after. Surely you want to make sure your loved ones are taken care of in case of your death or incapacitation. Since everyone has an estate, everyone needs a plan. You know when an accident might happen, and in that event you want your loved ones protected.

Although everyone should have an estate plan, it is even more imperative to the elderly. You worked hard your entire life to accumulate these assets and do not want a judge to decide their disbursement. Contact us today.

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