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Providence Child Support Attorney – Do You Need One?

Child support is always a contentious and complicated issue. There is a lot at stake, but often the parties involved are not as calm and rational as they should be. That is why a Providence child support attorney is essential. Look for these signs that you should contact one as soon as possible:

Find a Fair Rate

If you are the party collecting the child support, you want to make sure it’s enough to maintain your child’s quality of life. If you are the party paying for the child support, you want to make sure your payments don’t wreck your personal finances. Arriving at a fair figure can take a lot of time and negotiation. A Providence child support attorney can work on behalf of either part to ensure their interests are fairly represented. Don’t make rash decisions that could affect the lives of you and your child for the long term.

Revise a Child Support Agreement

It is not uncommon for a child support agreement that was reached amicable to suddenly go off the rails. The person collecting the payments might not receive the money they are owed for an extended period. The person paying might suffer financial difficulties that make it impossible to pay the amount agreed upon. Rather than fighting over the phone, it’s time to contact a Providence child support attorney. With their counsel, parents typically reach a resolution faster and with less grief for all involved.

Get Answers to Complicated Questions

Family law is complicated, especially as it applies to child support. And as we have already established, there is a lot on the line. Rather than trying to make sense of jargon and fine print on your own, partner with a Providence child support attorney. A professional can help you separate facts from fiction and help you feel confident rather than confused.
Have you concluded that you need a Providence child support attorney in your corner? If so, the dedicated and compassionate team at The Law Offices of Howe and Garside is here to serve. Call us for a free consultation at 401-841-5700.

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