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The Rhode Island Divorce Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jeremy W. Howe, Ltd. handle cases in all areas of family law including divorce, child custody, child support, mediation, military family law, legal separations, same-sex agreements and much more. Contact one of our Rhode Island Divorce Lawyers today... learn more


The Rhode Island Pension and Retirement Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jeremy W. Howe, Ltd. are well versed in domestic relations orders, qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO), Military Pension Orders, Federal Employees Retirement System (COAPs)and much more. Contact one of our QDRO Attorneys today... learn more


The Rhode Island Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorneys at The Law Offices of Jeremy W. Howe, Ltd. handle every aspect of Estate Planning and Elder Law including wills and trusts, durable power of attorney, estate planning, guardianship, medicaid planning, mediation, estate administration, charitable giving, and probate. Contact one of our Rhode Island Elder Law Lawyers today!... learn more


The Rhode Island Mediators at Partners in Mediation at The Law Offices of Jeremy W. Howe, Ltd. do Family Law Mediation, Family Court Arbitration, Elder Law Mediation, Superior Court Mediation and Arbitration, and Pension Mediation. If you need Mediation in Rhode Island call Partners in Mediation today... learn more

We at The Law Offices of Jeremy W. Howe, Ltd. are dedicated and experienced Rhode Island and Massachusetts Estate Planning, Elder Law and Divorce Attorneys in the following practice areas:

  • We represent clients with all of their Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law cases. We have drafted hundreds of pension and 401k division documents (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders or “QDROS”) for other attorneys and their clients. We have also spoken on behalf of the Rhode Island Bar Association and other groups such as the Rhode Island Family Court - Inn of Court, to educate divorce and family law attorneys regarding the special knowledge required to represent Military members and their spouses effectively.
  • We represent clients and their families and frequently lecture on Estate Planning, Elder Law, Special Needs Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Estates in Rhode Island. We now serve Massachusetts Clients in these practice areas as well.
  • Jeremy Howe, Esq. and Nancy Johnson-Gallagher, LICSW are Rhode Island Mediators operating under the name of "Partners in Mediation". Nancy and Jeremy have been mediating together for more than fifteen years with emphasis on Divorce Mediation, Family Mediation, and Elder Law Mediation.

We have served clients in all counties of Rhode Island for more than 40 years and we now serve our clients in Southeastern Massachusetts. Our offices are located in Newport, Rhode Island and in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. We also make "House Calls" in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.


"I will continue to utilize their services in domestic proceedings as they provide prompt and efficient preparation and processing of QDROs and they are always accessible to address any of my questions and those of the client."

"Your office is prompt as always; I have already heard from Kristy in regard to the two QDROs. You were a big help to me on this same case last spring, and it is very appropriate that your office receive a thank you."

“You were able to answer my questions and I am confident that I have covered all of my bases. How do people manage if their attorney doesn’t bother to admit they don’t do enough military and civil service work to know all the nuances?”

Case: These parties had been in the process of getting this done through their original attorneys for about a year with no success. Result: We were able to get the QDRO done, and the 401(k) into the wife’s name very quickly. When all was said and done, she said, Testimonial: “Kristy, this is all set, thanks to you. I cannot thank you enough. The process was started last August.” Portsmouth, RI

"Thank you again for meeting with me yesterday regarding my family problem, especially on such short notice. I was very pleased with the information and advice you provided. You made it very easy for me to understand my legal standing regarding the concerns as well as the concerns of others who were involved. Again, I can't thank you enough for the legal counsel and for the consideration you provided me. I especially admired your personable and informative, yet direct, approach regarding my family's specific needs."

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order/Support Result

Case: Hired by an ex-wife who was owed a substantial amount of child support. The ex- Husband did not have the income or assets to pay her what she was owed, but he did have a substantial interest in a 401(k). Result: We were able to draft a QDRO for child support so she could...[more]

Military Pension Orders Result

Case: We assisted an attorney at Rhode Island Legal Services to draft appropriate orders to protect the Wife, as much as possible, in a military divorce when the concern was that there were child support orders for the Husband’s illegitimate children already in effect. The children were born after the parties separated, but before the...[more]

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Result

Case: Hired by the Wife to complete the QDRO due to the fact her now ex-husband died before reaching retirement. The original QDRO that had been presented to the company was rejected and a final, revised version was never submitted by the original attorney before the Husband passed away. Result: We consulted with the original...[more]

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Result

Case: Hired by client to review the terms of his pension plan along with the terms of his divorce decree and the Qualified Domestic Relations Order that had been entered at the time to divide his pension for the benefit of the ex spouse. His company had informed him that if he elected his early...[more]

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Who Should You Choose as Your Fiduciaries?

November 26, 2014

Clients often hear the word “fiduciary” mentioned when visiting an estate planning attorney. Simply put, a fiduciary is “someone who has undertaken to act on behalf of another in a particular matter in circumstances which give rise to a relationship of trust and confidence.” What does this mean with respect to your estate plan? As...[more]


October 28, 2014

Medical durable powers of attorney, also known as health care proxies, are documents that allow third persons to speak on another’s behalf in order to convey the person’s medical and health care wishes. Commonly, spouses appoint one another to serve as each other’s agent, but children, other family members, and trusted friends are also frequently...[more]


October 28, 2014

As a family planner, I try to stay on top of any and all resources which might assist my clients in meeting their goals. I recently met with a representative of the Rhode Island Foundation which is a non-profit foundation. The stated objective of the foundation is “to sustain and strengthen the quality of life...[more]

Protecting the Primary Residence

October 8, 2014

Protecting the Primary Residence in Rhode Island Beginning July 1, 2014, Rhode Island Medicaid planning became a little bit more difficult as one common option to protect the primary residence was “taken off the table”. As part of Rhode Island’s 2014-2015 budget bill, so-called “Ladybird Deeds” were rendered ineffective as Medicaid planning tools if signed...[more]

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