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Rhode Island Elder Law – Benefitting You

When it comes to dealing with the more senior member of your family things can become a little difficult no just for you but for them. When we discuss Elder Law you may find out that you are unfamiliar with it simply because it is something that you do not often hear about in the news or social media. Attorneys who practice Rhode Island Elder Law do not typically only have more understanding of the law, but they also are familiar with what is going on in the senior community. By better understanding the comings and goings of their clientele they can usually give their clients a better experience in the long run.

When you begin to investigate the different areas of Rhode Island Elder Law you may be surprised at how vast it truly is. Rhode Island Elder Law covers many areas including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Advocacy
  • and Counseling
Estate Planning

Estate planning relates to Rhode Island Elder Law because it is a very important issue that needs to be addressed by everyone, not just seniors. Having documents like a Durable Power of Attorney can assist you in your golden years which can put your family at ease. Having other important documents like a will or trust can also make your families lives easier. These documents are invaluable when you consider they can prevent you from having large fees and other charges for you and your family during and after you life.


Advocacy is another important part of Rhode Island Elder Law. This area covers the promotion of health, dignity, and quality of life in situations where you may be unable to make these important decisions for yourself. With the proper documents in place, you may be able to make sure that your best wishes are kept in your interests.


Counseling becomes an important part of Rhode Island Elder Law when you consider that many seniors may need assistance on which types of health insurances and advocacy items they may need. No one wants to enter into a situation they are not familiar with it is simply not in your best interest. When you speak with a Rhode Island Elder Law Counselor, you will be met with impartial advice that may assist you in achieving a higher level of care as well as ensure that your plans are always taken into account. In many situations having someone to help and guide you can mean the difference between struggling and getting what you feel is best for you.

Contacting a Rhode Island Elder Law Attorney

Finding and speaking to a Rhode Island Elder Law attorney does not have to be a daunting task. When you contact the Law Office of Jeremy W. Howe, you will immediately notice the higher level of service that you receive. Our office will make sure that you are informed of every step that is taken so that you know from beginning to end that your best interests are kept. We pride ourselves on making sure that our clients are happy and know that we are behind them one hundred percent of the time. If you would like to contact our office or have any legal questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 401-841-5700 for a free initial consultation.

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