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A will is a legal document that is put in place in order to direct to whom assets will be distributed upon someone’s death in Lincoln Rhode Island. Our experienced team of wills and trust lawyers from the Law Offices of Howe & Garside have years of experience working with individuals to ensure that their legacy and assets are protected upon death. We understand all laws pertaining to wills in Rhode Island and can uphold them in all legal proceedings as needed.

Understanding Wills

The will is a document that names the person responsible for administering the estate. This person is known as the executor, and they must be officially appointed by a probate court before they can legally act out the actions stated in the will. This person takes over personal property, debts of the estate, bank accounts, and is the individual responsible for ensuring that the distributions take place properly in Lincoln Rhode Island. A wills & trusts lawyers can explain all the specifics to the executor so that the plan is executed properly and as intended by the deceased.

Understanding Trusts

A trust is a detailed document on how the deceased’s estate will be distributed. The difference between a will and a trust is that the will doesn’t take effect until someone dies and a probate court establishes the executor in charge. A trust is used when the client owns real estate in Lincoln as well as in more than one state. A trust is used by a wills & trusts lawyer in order to avoid probate court. Our Rhode Island law office can help provide legal advice on which type of legal document will benefit your situation the best when estate planning.

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